‘That is the Problem’: Jamie O’Hara Rages at One Arsenal Player After 3-0 Win v Bournemouth

Arsenal’s 3-0 victory over Bournemouth on Saturday maintained the pressure on Manchester City.

Last season, Arsenal fans were disheartened as they watched Pep Guardiola’s team secure the Premier League title. However, the current season presents a different scenario, with destiny once again hanging in the balance.

The title race seems destined to extend to the final day, with Arsenal playing a significant role in keeping the competition alive. Bournemouth, known for their challenging gameplay and prolific scoring, posed a formidable opponent.

Despite Bournemouth’s impressive form, Arsenal successfully executed their game plan, securing three crucial points and a clean sheet. This victory underscores the importance of each point in the fiercely contested Premier League title race.

However, amidst all the excitement, controversy loomed large, especially concerning Bukayo Saka’s penalty. The match saw Bournemouth goalkeeper Mark Travers allegedly foul Kai Havertz as he charged forward with the ball, a pivotal moment that triggered intense debate among fans.

The contentious decision was just one of several pivotal calls that ignited outrage among opposing supporters.

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Jamie O’Hara and Gabby Agbonlahor didn’t hold back, discussing Havertz’s actions on talkSPORT, with O’Hara criticising the Arsenal player while Agbonlahor, drawing on his own experience as a former striker, expressed more empathy towards him.

Kai Havertz Penalty

“He buys the foul, he sucks the referee in, he gives a penalty, they go to VAR, and he leaves a foot in,” insisted an adamant O’Hara.

“There is contact because he has left his foot there, but he absolutely dived, so VAR can overrule that really. That is clear and obvious. He has dived. Yes, there is a little bit of contact, but we know what he is doing.”

Agbonlahor argued: “Of course, but the problem now is that Havertz knows he is going to get a pen. So, I blame the rules and where they are at now.

“If he knows he is going to get booked for diving, he doesn’t do that. He knows, ‘Leave my foot in, contact, it’s a penalty’. That’s the problem. So, if I am a player now, I am doing it.”

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