Statistics Reveal Why Leandro Trossard is One of the Most Lethal Finishers in the Premier League

Leandro Trossard has exhibited a variety of goal-scoring techniques during his tenure at Arsenal, spanning from simple tap-ins to precise, curling shots. However, his recent goal against Wolves showcased a different kind of strike.

It’s difficult to classify Trossard’s opener against Wolves. Was it a scuffed shot, a slice, or a complete mishit? Regardless of the terminology used, it’s clear that Trossard didn’t intend to strike the ball the way he did, seemingly making contact with the outside edge of his toes, resulting in a slow, wafting trajectory into the top corner of the net. Reflecting on the goal, Trossard admitted, “It was not maybe the sweetest.”

This goal was atypical for Trossard, whose technique in the final third is typically clean and precise. While not always a starter under Mikel Arteta, he is revered as Arsenal’s most clinical finisher, maintaining composure in the chaotic environment of the penalty area.

Trossard’s proficiency in converting half-chances into goals makes him a valuable asset for any title-contending team. Additionally, he possesses a knack for scoring crucial goals in pivotal moments, such as in Arsenal’s Champions League clash against Porto and against Wolves, where his goal provided a much-needed boost for his fatigued team.

Throughout this season’s competitions, Trossard has been scoring a goal for Arsenal approximately every 136 minutes, marking the most impressive ratio among all players in Mikel Arteta’s squad. Following closely behind is Bukayo Saka, who nets a goal every 196 minutes. However, when excluding penalties, Saka’s rate drops to a goal every 271 minutes.

Among Arsenal players, Trossard boasts the highest shooting accuracy at 57%, coupled with a remarkable shot conversion rate of 24%, making him the most clinically efficient player in the squad.

In the Premier League, Trossard stands out as one of the most influential players in the attacking third. Ahead of Sunday’s games, only seven players in the league had scored at a faster rate across all competitions this season. Notably, three of these players (Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah of Liverpool, and Joao Pedro of Brighton) have participated in the Europa League, rather than the Champions League.

Trossard’s proficiency in finding the back of the net is evident in his goals-per-minute ratio across all competitions, which closely matches that of Chelsea’s Cole Palmer. Palmer currently shares the top scorer position in the Premier League and is entrusted with penalty-taking duties for his team. However, unlike Palmer, all of Trossard’s goals have been scored from open play.

Trossard Has It All: Timing, Technique and Two-footedness

Excluding penalties, just three players in the division boast a faster scoring rate than Trossard this season: Jota, Erling Haaland, and Nottingham Forest’s Chris Wood.

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Trossard’s proficiency as a finisher stems from a blend of three essential qualities: timing, technique, and two-footedness.

Capable of seizing the opportune moment to convert a close-range cross, Trossard demonstrated this skill by securing Arsenal a draw at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season. Among his 15 goals for Arsenal, three were first-time finishes from within the six-yard box.

His exceptional close control allows him to carve out space even in the most congested situations. Against West Ham United, he showcased this ability by deftly maneuvering the ball away from a defender inside the area before unleashing a powerful finish into the top corner.

Similarly, against Crystal Palace, Trossard left Nathaniel Clyne bewildered on the turf as he skillfully evaded him before delivering a forceful strike. At the moment the ball nestled into the net, poor Clyne was still grappling with the aftermath, pondering Trossard’s swift movements.

‘He is a Little Magician − is Just a Joy to Have Him in the Team’

Not many players in the division possess the ability to threaten opponents with both feet like Trossard. One-third of his goals for Arsenal were scored using his left foot, and when considering his time at Brighton, 37% of all his Premier League goals came from his weaker side.

“He is a little magician,” said Arteta after victory at Wolves, which returned Arsenal to the top of the Premier League table. “He is a big threat: so composed, so cool. He can play in different positions. It is just a joy to have him in the team.”

Arsenal turned their attention to Trossard last January after their bid for Mykhailo Mudryk was foiled by Chelsea, their upcoming rivals. Since joining Arsenal, Trossard has been prolific, netting 15 goals and assisting 12 times in 63 games, while Mudryk has managed just six goals and four assists in 52 appearances for Chelsea.

Although Trossard might not fit the mold of Arsenal’s speedsters like Martinelli and Saka or possess the physical prowess of Jesus and Havertz, his contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. Despite his limitations, Trossard has been consistent, scoring four goals in his last eight games, matching the combined tally of Saka, Martinelli, Havertz, and Jesus.

While Trossard may not excel in dribbling, speed, or strength, his impact on Arsenal’s title pursuit cannot be understated. With only five games remaining, his recent form suggests he could emerge as the most crucial player for Arsenal.

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